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Beauty Bar Services

Our Full-Service Beauty Bar services are now available at both locations: Auburn & Birmingham!

Lashes & Brows

Waxing & Sugaring

Facials & Chemical Peels

Hybrid Full-Set (Lashes)

The perfect option for clients wanting to add length and volume.

Lash Lift & Tint

Designed to give your lashes a semi-permanent curl and color, giving the appearance of mascara. This service is waterproof and results lasts 4-6 weeks!

Eyebrow Tinting

The process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, darken, shape and define.


The process of removing unwanted hair from a part of the body by applying wax and peeling off the wax and hairs together.

Custom Facial

Our licensed aesthetician will design a custom facial that is best suited for your skin type. This relaxing 60 minute service includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, mask, and moisturizer.

Bright & Tight Facial

This custom facial incorporates our Brightening Peel and Marine Mermaid Mask. This is great for hydrating, brightening, and tightening your skin.

Classic Full-Set (Lashes)

The perfect option for longer, natural looking lashes

Brow Lamination

Shapes and sets your brows into a more refined, lifted, smoother shape.

Eyebrow and Lip Threading

is the process of removing eyebrow hair using a piece of thread. This is a great option for clients with sensitive skin or those who don't tolerate waxing well.


Similar to waxing, sugaring removes body hair using a paste made of lemon, water, and sugar.


The only facial technology that triggers a natural oxygenation process within your skin—gently creating the ideal conditions to nourish and transform skin from the inside out. Get immediate, long lasting results. Every age, every skin type, every season.

Chemical Peels:

Healthy Aging, Maintenance, Brightening, and Clear Skin

What Our Clients Say


Dallas M.

Not only did they get me with a miracle day-of appointment, the tan is AMAZING! I got the Rapid one where you can shower in just a few hours and looks so good! Friendliest staff!!
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